Dry Herbal Green Grass - 500g


Dry Herbal Green Grass - 500g
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1.  Grasses come in a vast range of sizes and types, ranging from lawn grass to rice, wheat, corn, sugarcane and bamboo.


It is estimated that there are about ten thousand different species of grass worldwide.

They vary from short creeping lawn grasses, to waist-high reeds and bamboo plants up to 40m (120 feet) tall.


2.  Approximately 20% of the world's cover of vegetation has grasses as its main ingredient.


Steppes, prarie and savannah are ecological formations which all have grasses as one of their main components. They cover vast areas of land. In Patagonia alone (South America), steppes occupy an area 5 times the size of England. In Kazakhstan, Central Asia, steppes cover 27,800 square miles of land. These represent but small portions of the total area covered.

These grasslands are maintained by a complex mix of interacting factors from soils and climate, to fire and grazing animals.


Few other habitats lack grasses of one type or another.


3.  Hundreds of years old?

Some perennial grasses clone themselves year after year, producing new shoots which are genetically identical to those of preceding years. Individual plants of Red Fescue (Festuca rubra) spread via underground stems known as rhizomes. A single plant has been estimated to cover an area 250 metres in diameter. If the annual growth rate is measured, the age of the individual plant can then be estimated. A plant of this size may be over 400 years old.

Some individual grass plants can exceed 8 metres in diameter    In clump-forming grasses, enormous clumps can also eventually result. It has been estimated that a large plant of Sheep's Fescue (Festuca ovina), 8 metres in diameter (equivalent to 4 men lying down, head to toe) might be 1000 years old!


4.  Grasses enabled cave men to become farmers rather than hunters!     


Grasses occur in almost all parts of the world.


They produce seeds known as grains (for example, wheat, corn and rice). The grains separate relatively easily from the parent plant and so can be collected.


Pastries made from wheat flour. The grains contain high proportions of nutritious oils and starches, making them a valuable food both for humans and for their domesticated animals.

The dry grains can be stored and used later, providing food sources in winter when little else is available. They can also be sown in the ground to germinate and produce new plants conveniently close to areas of habitation.



Today, grasses provide all of our cereal crops, the grazing for our domesticated cattle and sheep, as well as most of the world's sugar.


5.  Grasses are astonishingly tough and hardy

Grasses are a component of tundra vegetation.   A variety of grasses can be found from the freezing poles of the earth all the way to the baking equator. They can survive in the most inhospitable of conditions, from the extreme cold of the tundra, to shifting sand dunes and salty water.

There are growing points at each of the grass stem nodes, as well as at the base of the leaf blades (more on grass structure here). As a result, grasses can tolerate levels of grazing and trampling that would kill many other plants.


6.  The multi-billion dollar global companies which have developed based on football and other outdoor sports, ultimately depend on the humble grass plant!

Field sports need grass.


Because of their spreading, ground-covering ability and tolerance to trampling, grasses provide the basis for all of our field sports, from football to rugby and from polo to lawn bowls.

Artificial grass surfaces, such as Astroturf, have admittedly been developed. However, they lack many of the properties of grass, probably most importantly, its softness when landed upon at high speed! Artificial turf will tend to give painful friction burns in equivalent situations.

A whole science of groundsmanship has developed around the careful cosseting of turf pitches for important matches.


7.   There are so many different species and varieties of grass, that there is at least one to fit every type of habitat and growing conditions.

Many grasses interbreed naturally, producing hybrid species and even genera.

Many different cultivated varieties of grasses have been produced by selective breeding.    They are easily bred artificially to produce higher yielding varieties. Different types can also be bred to suit specific local climatic and soil conditions.


8.  For most of the world, grasses provide a main part of people's diet.

Wheat provides flour for bread, pastas and pastries. Corn is the staple in many southern parts of the world. In Asian regions, rice is the most important source of starch for people.


9.  Caterpillars and grain weevils, deer and pandas also grow big and strong eating grasses.

The caterpillars of this Marbled White butterfly feed on grasses.   Grasses are the main food of an amazing range of herbivores.

The caterpillars of many butterflies, such as this Marbled White (left), feed on grasses (wild varieties rather than cultivated ones).


Grass seeds are not only prized as food by humans. Keepers of grain stores have a hard time preventing hosts of other animals, from grain weevils to rats, from gorging on the stored bounty.

Larger herbivores, such as deer, include grasses in their diet, while Pandas depend entirely on bamboo for sustenance.


Having such a narrow choice of food can provide problems for Pandas.

Many bamboo species have a strange synchronization of flowering, where all the bamboo plants in a given locality will flower at the same time. This takes place in regular cycles which can last from 10 - 120 years, depending on species. Once the plants flower, they all then die. It may take a while before new plants are sufficiently developed to feed the local pandas again.


10. Parties would not be the same without grasses!

Beer is manufactured from Barley.   Many popular alcoholic beverages are manufactured from the grains of grasses. Barley, Rye, Rice and Corn are some of the grass grains which are used.

Whisky is manufactured from malted Barley, Rye or Corn, depending on the type of whisky, while Barley malt provides the basis for beer production. Sake is a type of wine popular in Japan, which is made from rice.


To illustrate the scale of some of these alcohol manufacturing industries, it is estimated that British brewers brew in excess of 34 million barrels of beer a year, while in Korea alone, 64.34 million bottles of whisky were consumed in 2002!


11.  Structure and shelter as well as food and drink.

Grasses have been put to a wide variety of uses from grass skirts to paper, thatching, matting and bedding.

Although paper is usually made from wood fibres, it can also be made from a variety of plants, including some grasses.  Many grass species have been used for making paper. The grass fibres are extracted and compacted together to make a form of paper.

(The papyrus parchment made by the Ancient Egyptians actually came from a type of sedge, (Cyperus papyrus) rather than a grass.)


Most of the scaffolding used in South East Asia for building construction is made up of bamboo poles.

In places like China, millions of poles will be used every year.


Thatching with grass stalks is one way of weather proofing a house. Wheat straw (the dried stalks of wheat) is an example of a grass which is used for thatching buildings.


In some places, including parts of rural Africa and Asia, grasses are often used to construct entire dwellings


12.  An engineering tool of distinction.

Marram Grass is a useful tool for stabilizing shifting sands.   

Creeping grasses with their spreading habits and fibrous root systems, will quickly stabilize bare earth and shifting sands. They are extensively used by engineers in a wide variety of situations, to stabilize bare earth surfaces and prevent erosion. New road sides and shifting sand dunes are two such examples.


Marram Grass (left) is a useful species for stabilizing shifting sand. It is a tall grass with both horizontal and vertical roots which aid in trapping and binding sand grains.


It is can withstand deposition rates of wind-blown sand of up to 1 metre per year.

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