Dry Herbal Grapefruit Mint - 1kg


Dry Herbal Grapefruit Mint - 1kg
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As I write this, the temperature in Indiana is hovering near -9 with a windchill of -34. Needless to say, I’m not leaving the house today. I didn’t leave the house yesterday or the day before that either. It’s a real winter wonderland in the Midwest right now. Schools have been closed, businesses have been closed, and there were rumors floating around as to how quickly your nostrils would freeze shut if you ventured outside.


Naturally, we decided to make popsicles.


Every board and card game in the house has been played at least five times at this point. In between rounds of Clue and Monopoly, Clark and I started experimenting with a gluten-free pizza crust recipe [it's still in the development stage] and made these popsicles. Yes, popsicles. Yes, I know it’s -34 degrees with 6 inches of snow on the ground. Cabin fever is real, people.


Trial run number one of pizza crust-making was decent, but it’s not quite there yet. A few more changes and it will be ready to share. These popsicles, though? Perfecto!


I can’t believe that I forgot how much fun it is to make popsicles. Five minutes into the [ridiculously easy] process, I was feeling like a little kid again – thinking up flavors and mixing things together, then waiting for them to hurry up and freeze so I could eat them. I don’t see any reason to ever buy popsicles at the store when you can make them so easily at home. And you get the added benefits of not ingesting a soda worth of sugar, food coloring, and artificial flavors. No thank you.


No sugar necessary for these. Not even a little bit. I was actually thinking that honey might be a nice touch until I taste-tested the mixture before pouring it into the molds. Deliciously sweet as is. If you use ruby red grapefruits, the juice is nowhere near bitter. It’s refreshingly tart-sweet, and becomes just sweet enough when combined with coconut water.


Just a pro-tip for bringing out the mint’s minty-ness: get a little rough with it before adding it to the mix. Break it apart and smoosh it with your fingers for maximum mint flavor.


I figured that with resolutions still fresh in everyone’s mind, healthy snacks would be more than welcome right now. I think we can all agree: no more cookies, cakes, candy, pies, frosting, or fudge for a while, please. Grapefruit, fresh mint, and coconut water – it doesn’t get much healthier than that.

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