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Herbal Shop - Natural Herbal Supplier And Herbal Specialist

BF1 supply major natural herbal in Malaysia. All natural herbal are selected with best qualities and safe for internal intake or external use.

We supplier major natural herbal in form of : fresh herbal plants, dry herbal, herbal powder, herbal extract, herbal oil and herbal essential oil. Do not hesitate to contact us for any consultation or read our website for more information.

There are too many herbals and spices, if you look for herbals or spices which not listed here yet, please fill in this Herbal Order Form and click on submit or contact us.

If you need us helps on recommend herbals for medication or supplement purpose, please fill up this Herbal Medication Advice form or contact us.


If you facing any difficulties to order online, please use our Email Order to make your order or send SMS Order to +6012-3590344 with Name and Delivery Address. We will reply asap.




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